Down Pillows

We have brought high quality down pillows for the clients. These kinds of pillows are importantly anti-allergic. They do not attract microbes like bacteria and fungi. Due to this healthier characteristic, they are widely demanded in the market. Worry about choosing right pillows for the comfort and health?Switching to these moldable and malleable down pillows is a great decision. The pillows offered are highly light and cuddly. Due to superior softness and fluffiness, even kids demand for these pillows on their beds. The pillows are available in wide varieties for suiting the needs of the customers.
Product Image (HZ20DP)

20% Down Pillow

Price: 1399 - 2100 INR/Piece

Down is the light fluffy coating found beneath the feathers of geese and ducks. Down is a three-dimensional cluster with dozens of soft, fine filaments that radiate from its centre. Down comes with a variety of features. It keeps you both warm and cool. Down is a breathable material. Because of its high fill power, less down is required to fill up the pillows and duvets. Therefore, there is a lot of room within the down clusters for the air to circulate. It offers all of these features without ever compromising on the comfort factor. Feathers do not come with any of these advantages.

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30% Down pillow

Price: 1795- 2595 INR/Piece

Relax yourself with HOMEZONE CRYSTAL PILLOW 30% White Down/ 70% White Feather having most natural mix down & feathers. Bubble your head in the softness with the finest luxury down & feather articles mix in perfect blend to give you soothing sleep. Homezone down feather pillows are Hypoallergenic & meeting the International Standards with ultimate Natural feel.

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50% Down Pillow

Price: 2300 - 3300 INR/Piece

Enjoy the best quality SAPPHIRE PILLOW 50% White Down/ 50% White Featherfrom HOMEZONE are 5 star hotel pillows of choice for the world famous hotel groups. Sapphire Pillows are incredibly fluffy and soft with cluster of 50 Down of lightweight, naturally breathable down. These pillows having the feel of firmness to softness transition as this is 50 Down combination. So, one can have taste more softer surface which will provide smooth and comfortable layer to sleep on.

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70% Down Pillow

Price: 2799 - 3799 INR/Piece

AMETHYST PILLOW 70% White Down/ 30% White Featheris one more addition of luxury collection of Homezone Brand. Update your bedding and improve your comfort with the new set of soft, plump pillow. Amethyst Pillow range are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshing and rejuvenate as these pillows are made of 70% down cluster which is one the best luxurious combination. While many people feel that 70% down and 30% feather provides the perfect balance of softness and support to ones sleeping position. Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach which will not affect your sleep and suits you.

Product Image (HZ100%DP)

100%Down Pillow

Price: 3200 - 4500 INR/Piece

Luxury at its Finest !Our KOHINOOR 100% Down Pillowis for those who want to indulge in the softest and fluffiest of pillows. Our generously filled Kohinoor 100% duck down pillowhave a high feather content providing more weight and support. Naturally breathable with a down proof cover preventing feathers escaping in your sleep. These pillows are very much skin-soft are loved by many individuals and hotels groups too. Homezone down feather pillows are Hypoallergenic & meeting the International Standards with ultimate Natural feel.


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